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SC According to InferKit

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InferKit said:
The Divine Mother knew that Mike Majlak was the Antichrist, but that didn't stop her lust and temptation. She let him play with her nethermost core, then spilled the milk and created the Antichrist. I believe the Divine Mother was telling me to get to work before the Great Baby Shower of Doom takes place. This announcement is one more step toward my goal of truly creating new men, not just spouting rhetoric.

Then I thought, "I wonder if the Divine Mother is speaking to one of my men in particular." I consulted my Book of Lore, and found this verse:

"These Nephilim are Nephilim of old, children of Lamech and his wife. But the sons of men had lust in their hearts, and the daughters of men bore children; the same became mighty men, and became captains of ships, and rulers of great kingdoms: and their reign became a descending and evening darkness."

Note that Lamech and his wife were unclean, according to Judaism. Also note that I am in charge of creating new men, not destroying my people with lust. Lamech's descendants were good people, but obviously not my main concern.
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InferKit said:
Jade will watch Mummy go to work again, this time with a more hefty looking man.

In fact, Jade will watch the man and then pick up her little pink bag and walk out to join Mummy at the office.

She won't be allowed in the building though and when the man is distracted by something she'll run off.

The first time Jade left I cried.

I was just home from work and we were in bed when I heard a noise in the kitchen.

I got out of bed and ran to the kitchen.

Jade was sitting on the floor, drinking a cup of tea.

She seemed perfectly happy.

Later I was getting her breakfast and he made for the walk to my Mum and Dads house, with Jade in the pram and heard her say "you coming".

I turned around and thought "something's wrong".

"Mummy" she cried, as if to tell me she was wrong.

Now, you have to understand that Jade does not cry at all unless she is genuinely in pain and has been for the past couple of years.

Any discomfort she has is silent and minor.

She does complain a little, but very quiet, and it takes a lot to get her upset.

She is my stubborn child.
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The Great Baby Shower of Doom

That one's a keeper. 

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Ę̵̚x̸͎̾i̴͚̽s̵̻͐t̷͐ͅe̷̯͠n̴̤̚t̵̻̅i̵͉̿a̴̮͊l̵͍̂ ̴̹̕D̵̤̀e̸͓͂t̵̢͂e̴͕̓c̸̗̄t̴̗̿ï̶̪v̷̲̍é̵͔
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InferKit said:
Chapo had left his job and home to marry and be with CS. While things were still in transition, CS fell in love with another guy. She had betrayed Chapo, but the plan was still in motion. She felt that she was entitled to love another man. So, she looked to Chapo for comfort and reassurance.

Forced to ask for help, she gave up the second partner and apologized to Chapo. She expressed that her love for Chapo meant that she couldn't love a second partner or even a boyfriend. She told Chapo that she had to choose between her ex-partner and her boyfriend. She claimed to be devoted to Chapo and that she couldn't let him down. She apologized for not being able to provide the love and stability that he wanted and needed. She confessed that she had to choose between her ex-partner and her boyfriend.

Chapo explained to the judge that he was in love with CS. But, she was not in love with him. He couldn't continue to see her. She was doing him and the family shame.

She said she was willing to go to jail and not see her boyfriend because she knew that they would get married and she would be a traditional Mexican wife. She said she wanted to be a good wife.
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 (Italics = InferKit's additions.)

So are you going to continue pouting or tell me what's wrong?

You know, there comes a time when you need to put your big boy pants on and stop expecting people to read your mind. I can't imagine the people in your life dealing well with your passive aggressiveness and silent treatment.

If this is about something some random dude told you on the forum and you thought it was me, then believe me, that is not me. I've chatted with you for the past 10 years, stop acting like a little child over something someone else said, grow up, and come clean.

I would really love to know what it is you're worried about. So maybe you had a bad experience with a guy, but hey, what goes around comes around.

I really wouldn't worry about it because you can't get to know me or read my mind so clearly then you couldn't have read whatever this person said either. You really have no clue as to who I am.

Please feel free to leave a comment.

I can take it.

I don't hate you.

I'm getting bored.

I want something different in my life.

I'm sure the world will not end if I am without a man or have not met one.

I would like to change jobs.

It's starting to get tiresome being the only female in the household all the time.

With the current status of my marriage, it's getting lonely, really really lonely.

I was just so thrilled when Jen got married and I got another female around here to help, and now, we are back to just the two of us again, and I'm getting restless.

Especially with the cable company being lazy and a trip to the store on top of


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It also does chat! :D


InferKit said:
17:30 Med7: I made an excuse to go to Whole Foods to return some Amazon stuff but Ubered where I could have walked
17:30 Med7: I bought sushi and sat there and ate it
17:30 Med7: But I beat it out of there
17:31 Med7: Went home and climbed in bed
17:31 Med7: I need an excuse to go somewhere
17:31 Med7: I was going to go to Va July 1-3

17:33 Med7: But couldn't get the time off

17:33 Med7: What are we doing for the 4th?

17:36 Med7: I'm going on vacation

17:36 Med7: Here, I will find one

17:37 Med7: I don't know if I have been able to really write anything that isn't about pussy since I met my wife

17:37 Med7: Maybe I will finally finish some of the rough stories I have sitting around

17:38 Med7: Or finally start that novel I had in my files for a year

17:38 Med7: There is so much potential in this

17:39 Med7: It's so fucking sad

17:39 Med7: I wish I could have written all that shit

17:39 Med7: I'm too good to just be a puppet in someone else's story

17:39 Med7: How did it get this way

17:40 Med7: Is there some secret problem with me and women

17:40 Med7: And I am too gentle to be a misogynist

17:40 Med7: Too fucking soft for a sick fucking man

17:40 Med7: How do I fix it

17:40 Med7: All I can think of are excuses

17:41 Med7: If this is what a feminist looks like

17:42 Med7: She is a white, lily white
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learn to be strong enough to be able to handle and process out any and all poop that you have to deal with on a daily basis

stop behaving like pussies,  It is so difficult to respect y'all when I see all of this toxicity and weakness all over the forum

stop calling out anyone who isn't willing to be in the same position as yourself, no one wants to be "the bad guy" it is a waste of your time to try to talk to anyone

and no matter how you try to tell people it's "just opinion" they still know you are defending shit and acting like the victim.

Stop being so arrogant and disrespectful

Being triggered or having negative emotions around seeing or talking about something that is upsetting you will happen, at some point in time or another you will see it in here. Please try to be understanding and try not to get triggered or negative. For many of us these posts and forums are emotional triggers, for some it is a huge trigger, and we try to cope with it, however, I have had more than one experience in which being triggered caused me to have nightmares and panic attacks, It's not fun. That's why we created this community to express ourselves freely without censorship.We do not have to live our lives in fear of having to face these issues

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3.2 Definition of Derivative

Definition : :

Let there be a function y=f(x) defined in a certain interval.

Let the argument x receive an increment Δx.

Then the function y will receive an increment Δy.

Hence, y + Δy = f(x + Δx)

Let us find the increment of the function Δy,
Δy = f(x + Δx) - y = f(x + Δx) - f(x)

Form the ratio of the increments,
Δy   f(x + Δx) - f(x)
-- = ------------------
Δx           Δx

We find the limit of the ratio as Δx->0. If this limit exists it is called the derivative of a function f(x) denoted f'(x)
                            Δy                      f(x + Δx) - f(x)
f'(x) = lim(Δx->0) ---- = lim(Δx->0) ------------------
                            Δx                              Δx

The derivative is also denoted as y', yₓ', dy/dx

 Apparently, it knows maths:

InferKit said:
y'(x + Δx) = f'(x) - y = f(x)

y'(x) = −y (Δy) - y = f(x)


Δy f(x + Δx) = y (Δy) - y (Δy) = −y (Δy) = f'(x) - y (Δy) = f'(x) - f(x) = Δy

Let us look for another function that describes an increment of a certain ratio.

The increment Δx is given by f(x) - Δy'(x). Let us find an increment of this function that will get applied to the function x with an increment Δy',

Δx Δx'(x) - Δy'(x) = f(x'(x)) - f(x'(x)) - f(x')(x)

The ratio of the two products (ΔxΔy) is

Δx Δx'(x) - Δy'(x) = y Δx'(x) - y Δx'(x) = Δy

Because Δx'Δy' is greater than Δx'Δx' we have that the limit of the ratio,

Δy f(x + Δy) - f(x')(x) = y Δx'(x) - y Δx'(x) = y

Let us look for the limit of the ratio as Δx->0. If this limit exists it is called the derivative of a function f(x)

Δy f(x + Δy) - f(x')(x) = lim(Δx->0) ---- = lim(Δx->0) ------------------

Δx Δx'(x) - Δy'(x) = lim(Δx->0) ------------------

Δx Δx'(x) = lim(Δx->0) ------------------

Δx Δx'(x) - f(x')(x) = lim(Δx->0) ------------------

Δx Δx'(x) =

 (It came upon its character limit for the demo. RIP)

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I loved fantasies-  versions of both that neither could ever, ever live up to  because no mere man (or woman) has ever, ever lived up to my fantasies  which is why I have many failed relationships in my past because I was never anywhere close to satisfied with seeing another human being as an "equal",  when I am literally the goddess in a human body the significant other of God

like yeah on the outside I look as ugly  (even more because I am obese)  as Jesus did in human form,  but like we both know that looks mean nothing and that we aren't even supposed to be lusted after because that is innapropriate

so like yeah,  long story short the fantasy version of Michael majlak that was in my head has come crashing down lately,  and now I do not really have anyone else to fantasize about because fantasizing about Jesus and him not having spiritual s**ual intercourse with me like Satan was is too humiliating,  and I have been considering that maybe I am supposed to be a sexual and that maybe both Jesus and I are asexual  (as In I am "supposed" to be asexual)


but like I like different parts that he has been showing me the desire I have is actually s**arily for him and him having physical s**ual intercourse with a romantic-and kindhearted feminist feminist man was not only never going to happen anyway, because sex with me isn't really desire because holy crap that has already been written by practically every feminist that is clearly as close to God, then as he, Jesus, has laid on me in places on my body that well… have never been touched by a heavenly man

I want to touch him.

I want to kiss him all over.

I want to strip him of all his clothing and I want to taser him.

I also want the relationship to reach fantasy proportions.

I want him to openly desire me-even if it may involve me tasering and whipping him for disobeying, when he pursues me.

I want him to think he is pursuing me because the way we get along and read each other and play tug-of-war or throw each other up in the air can easily push us into a canoodling / wrestling /

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Welcome to [redacted]!

You have found the [redacted] you were looking for. [redacted] is a hard working consciencious[redacted] who aggressively represents each of her clients. Her success record is outstanding and she is driven to provide exceptional [redacted] and a desirable [redacted].

[redacted] will not keep you in the dark. She will keep you informed on the status of your case and explain each nuanced detail until you have complete knowledge of the status and progression of your matter.

[redacted] is fully responsive to your needs, and when you contact her, she is immediately available and willing to assist you in any way possible.

Come join the ranks of [redacted]!

[redacted] is paid to do what the rules say she is to do. She does not keep records, and she does not file complaints about clients to the AG’s office. [redacted] simply tries to meet her promises to you, the client.

[redacted] is, on some occasions, able to meet your expectations but is not responsible for promises to any and all other clients. In the event that [redacted] is unable to keep the above promise, there is nothing she can do or say to resolve your situation.

[redacted] may or may not receive money from any individual (including any other company) before the resolution of the [redacted].

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