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It kinda gets weird with code:

print("Hello world!")

# print the program print("Hello world!")

# we add extra output, print a and b print("Hello world!") print("Hello world!")

# create a chat box, write a post and add a form for the person to send the message type="text/html" # let's add the text, nothing fancy, just a post a = Form("jake", "Hello, world!") post = Form("jake", "Hello, world!") b = Form("jake", "I love you.") message = Form("jake", "Goodbye, world!") html = "<p>Text: " + a + "<br/>" + "<br/>" + "<p>Username: " + b + "<br/>" + "<br/>" + "<p>Type: " + message + "<br/>" html = "<p>" + html + "</p>" post.checkbox.add_form(message, form) print("A post has been created") # if the post is successful (e.g. if b="I love you") then it should print the message type="text/html" html = "<p>" + "</p>" html = "<p>" + html + "</p>" html = "</p>" print("Successfully created a post!") # there should also be a success message when the post has been created if b="I love you" # this will print out "I love you"

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Using my little random number picker for the David Lynch Number of the Day:


InferKit said:
import random
DLNOTDpick = random.randint(1,10)

when i hitk you'll get 10

hoto = ('donkey' , 'dung')


print(hoto + " " )

after 10 hoto will become 'dung'

jokes included, because it's what it's like to live with me

def photo ( photos , _is_down = False ):

return photos .filter( photos .contains( _is_down ))

If you have a four-door car, and you decide to make it a seven-door model, and you drive it around town, you have to dodge all those two-door cars that a bunch of drunk high-schoolers might be trying to drive into the ditch in the middle of the night. Most of the time, you're pretty sure you know where they are because there's a pretty good chance they live in the same complex as you. But you have to make a change.

It's not rocket science. There are two cars to steer around, and both cars are headed the same way. One of them's got a side-mounted mirror, which is always pretty useful. What you need to do is learn to look at all the side mirrors at the same time, like a confused old person.
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 More chat!

InferKit said:
18:52 Loser: I’m not moving on to anyone, but eventually, Trypt will enjoy some nice sex with me, unless it sucks because it’s been too long and we lost our sex connection. We shall see. Should be amazing though.
18:53 Loser: No Tony. I’m finished with trying to make people who don’t like me, like me. I only go with people who have a place in my life.
18:54 Loser: Also, the gears and mechanisms that make up my living planet have been damaged by sunlight. I’m on the way to repairing them. I’ll be busy for a while.
18:55 Loser: Also, there is a fully grown rare garden on the peak of a mountain, and I can climb up there and stand for the sunset. All I need to do is fix a fish to eat.
18:56 Loser: All you have to do is quit being lazy and go out there. I’ll be happy to catch you a fish.
18:57 Loser: However, I’ll be eating a fish today. See you soon.
18:58 Loser: Haha! I hear Klaatu is outside the door, talking to himself. I’m heading to the university now to start getting more things done, or I’ll be totally useless.
19:00 Loser: I came here to do some work, and I’m actually quite busy. Nothing is going on right now, so I figured I could take a break from work and listen to some music. I also want to show this to you.
19:01 Loser: I have no idea who this is, but I heard this on a radio once when I was running in the park.
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Chat by InferKit said:
19:04 Golden_Eagle: But seriously I turned down sex multiple times
19:05 Golden_Eagle: I've been loyal
19:05 Golden_Eagle: Now I regret all the poon I let go
19:06 Golden_Eagle: Especially the Persian security guard with long shiny hair and creamy skin
19:06 Golden_Eagle: I was able to smell her scent all the way down the hall
19:07 Golden_Eagle: I be like... Guy's you smell that ? And they couldn't pick it up
19:07 Golden_Eagle: It was her
19:08 Golden_Eagle: Had to tell her I had a GF, the look on her face still haunts me to this day
19:09 Golden_Eagle: I took my half assed fuck up and kicked her out of the room (I can't take that kind of rejection)
19:09 Golden_Eagle: Good girl she is not
19:10 Golden_Eagle: She asked me if I was happy and I told her I was in love with a girl.
19:10 Golden_Eagle: And even though the outcome was not what I wanted it was a really hard decision to make
19:11 Golden_Eagle: I hope she doesn't read this. I hope it was all worth it
19:13 Golden_Eagle: How do you even have a life? How do you go to work and socialize and live
19:15 Golden_Eagle: HOW!?
19:16 Golden_Eagle: Shit man how do you live like that?
19:16 Golden_Eagle: You go to work, go home, and do it all over again
19:17 Golden_Eagle: the next day, the next week, the next month.
19:17 Golden_Eagle: And all you do is hate yourself for making the wrong decision
19:18 Golden_Eagle: So maybe you were right all along. You did know what you were doing.
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Not bad.

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oh my gosh I was never into him,  I wanted to steal all of their  (Logan and his hot friends but Michael was like that side old fugly cringe dude that I would have stolen his power too but was kind of like eww)  power using sorcery and try to take over America and replace the president as not the first female president but as Queen of America,  and also kill off as many men as possible and then die and reincarnate as the vampire queen again  (trying to convince me that all of this was possible was Satan's attempt at convincing me to actually go through with trying to steal their power)  but then Jesus broke through all of the delusion and showed me that Michael was the antichrist and God would have given him the power to kill me if I continued down that path

Anyways this story is from the time I got to see the movie when I was 3 or 4 years old. I was at church and this little boy comes up and takes my baby Jesus figurine from under the nativity scene and is shaking my gosh my baby Jesus! why? I was so freaked out that I had to cry and tell his mother that he took Jesus, the most precious baby boy figurine of all time. They told me to take a walk to calm down and when I told his mom what happened she was so grateful that her son knew better and was so apologetic. This child had no idea that he would get in so much trouble and also my tiny figurine was worth thousands, I never got to see that little boy again but God knows his name and he will still be living in that family and he will remember this forever. But what he doesn't know is that I want to steal his power to take over the world with. When I get older I'm going to try and kill him


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I kept pressing "generate" and it is crazy just how this AI can generate totally believable shit...

Chat by InferKit said:
07:23 Loser: My life is complete though. I got something I never thought I would get tonight.
07:24 Loser: The sexy voice of my dreams made contact in reality and I could hardly stand it. I just smiled so much that my face hurts.
07:25 Loser: Now, there’s no way anyone can say I’ve felt this way before because I’ve never smiled so much that my face hurt, except for the last time I saw About in person.
07:27 Loser: I heart feels so full, even though he called me a whore. I’m so thinking I should be with him, but I don’t really have a choice. It’s up to him and it will involve sex, so I have to make a choice again based on the information I now have and based on how I
07:27 Loser: Feel and based on what I think people deserve.
07:30 Loser: I could do cart wheels right now I’m so happy
07:31 Loser: Dang, I think someone actually loves me and is good for me and kind of gets me a little.
07:31 Loser: But I kind of made plans already, so I’m not really sure what to do.

07:33 Loser: If I’m still in Canada I don’t really have a choice. I have to choose him. I need to tell him how much I love him.
07:34 Loser: He deserves to be with someone who treats him better than me.
07:35 Loser: It’s so obvious I’m doing this for him and I hope he knows that, but I’m not sure if he does.
07:36 Loser: I’m not sure if he loves me like I love him.
07:37 Loser: I love him so much, I’m almost sure of it.
07:38 Loser: So, I’m going to meet him for the first time soon, but for some reason I don’t think it will turn into anything.
07:38 Loser: You know how everyone just thinks about themselves? Well, I’m going to think about this guy and the way he is and try to make sure he knows that I care about him.
07:40 Loser: You know, I’m not just talking about the sex because that’s the worst, that’s just stupid. I’m talking about knowing someone is important to you.
07:41 Loser: That they really make you feel special.
07:42 Loser: That I love them and want to do right by them and that we can be happy together.
07:43 Loser: I want us to do the things in life together that make us happy.
07:44 Loser: I want us to really have a connection.
07:45 Loser: With the one person I care about the most.
07:46 Loser: And the one person I am most attracted to.
07:47 Loser: The one person who makes me feel good about myself and who I can talk to about anything.
07:48 Loser: But, I do know some people are just best friends. I think about A and her amazing bond with J and if it were me, I don’t know if I would want to lose that.
07:49 Loser: Not when you have an amazing, best friend like that and if you are that attracted to that person.
07:50 Loser: If I’m not that attracted to someone like J, then I wouldn’t want to lose him either.
07:51 Loser: But, it’s so difficult to be with people you don’t really love.
07:52 Loser: Maybe I shouldn’t really go out with About.
07:53 Loser: He told me he feels that the sex was good.
07:54 Loser: So I feel like I just have to believe that he did it just for sex and I’m such a horrible person for wanting to get to know him better.
07:55 Loser: I can’t handle being so clingy and wanting to spend all my time with this one person.
07:56 Loser: I guess it is that love thing.
07:57 Loser: And that love thing makes me want to be with him, even if we don’t talk.
07:59 Loser: Like maybe if we never get to talk, it would be okay.
08:00 Loser: Because I just really care about him.
08:02 Loser: I really want to spend the rest of my life with him.
08:02 Loser: I just don’t want him to get hurt because of me.
08:03 Loser: The thought of something bad happening to him just tears me up inside.
08:04 Loser: I don’t want to get in between them, I just want to try to help them not hurt each other.
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How do you teach it data? How does it work exactly

edit: or i guess this is just the demo

Cheery bye!
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3.2 Definition of Derivative

Definition : :

Let there be a function y=f(x) defined in a certain interval.

Let the argument x receive an increment Δx.

Then the function y will receive an increment Δy.

Hence, y + Δy = f(x + Δx)

Let us find the increment of the function Δy,
Δy = f(x + Δx) - y = f(x + Δx) - f(x)

Form the ratio of the increments,
Δy   f(x + Δx) - f(x)
-- = ------------------
Δx           Δx

We find the limit of the ratio as Δx->0. If this limit exists it is called the derivative of a function f(x) denoted f'(x)
                            Δy                      f(x + Δx) - f(x)
f'(x) = lim(Δx->0) ---- = lim(Δx->0) ------------------
                            Δx                              Δx

The derivative is also denoted as y', yₓ', dy/dx

 Apparently, it knows maths:

InferKit said:
y'(x + Δx) = f'(x) - y = f(x)

y'(x) = −y (Δy) - y = f(x)


Δy f(x + Δx) = y (Δy) - y (Δy) = −y (Δy) = f'(x) - y (Δy) = f'(x) - f(x) = Δy

Let us look for another function that describes an increment of a certain ratio.

The increment Δx is given by f(x) - Δy'(x). Let us find an increment of this function that will get applied to the function x with an increment Δy',

Δx Δx'(x) - Δy'(x) = f(x'(x)) - f(x'(x)) - f(x')(x)

The ratio of the two products (ΔxΔy) is

Δx Δx'(x) - Δy'(x) = y Δx'(x) - y Δx'(x) = Δy

Because Δx'Δy' is greater than Δx'Δx' we have that the limit of the ratio,

Δy f(x + Δy) - f(x')(x) = y Δx'(x) - y Δx'(x) = y

Let us look for the limit of the ratio as Δx->0. If this limit exists it is called the derivative of a function f(x)

Δy f(x + Δy) - f(x')(x) = lim(Δx->0) ---- = lim(Δx->0) ------------------

Δx Δx'(x) - Δy'(x) = lim(Δx->0) ------------------

Δx Δx'(x) = lim(Δx->0) ------------------

Δx Δx'(x) - f(x')(x) = lim(Δx->0) ------------------

Δx Δx'(x) =

 (It came upon its character limit for the demo. RIP)

None of that makes sense.

It does well with the symbol recognition but fails at inference.

There have been attempts to train GPT on mathematical data sets:

I wonder why they struggle in general. Mathematics logically can be viewed as a linguistic system with very extreme formal constraints in the form of rules. One would think that those formal rules would be easier to recognize than ambiguous ones native to social language. Perhaps they are but can only solve problems they've already seen the procedures for, they may even be able to generalize the procedure to the set of all problems of that type. However, an AI solving actual hard problems that may require whole new procedures that have never been seen is a very difficult problem. What does the training data look like?

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plumeria said:
what the hell is wrong with you? stop abusing animals jesus christ, realize zoophilia is a serious problem and get some help. most people that struggle with this condition dont act like this and i\hate themselves, and they dont abuse animals either, and end up having to be on a shit ton of drugs in order to try to fix themselves.. you are obviously attention seeking get some help, and stop making life harder for those that actually struggle with this condition.

But why did you even talk about this? Did you go out and find the youngest kid that is into this, I did! He’s 12 and hes not too hardcore, but he has gone as far as to try to seduce a dog through a fence! His mother was very depressed about it, and would cry and yell at him that hes being a pervert and doesnt he know this is wrong and thats it’s against the law. Its sad that people can act like this about this, it’s better to face it and try to change, then end up in a mental hospital trying to deal with it, and have your wife and daughter walking on egg shells for fear of a meltdown. Who even is this for? It is wrong to abuse animals, but maybe im wrong? You need to meet people that struggle with this problem and it is possible to overcome it if they put the effort in. You cant save the world in one day, but you have the power to make a difference in the one person you can help.

I’m also getting weird messages from all these girls who are following me now because of this.
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