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This was neat, it can write fanfiction too!



Aubri looked down upon God. His skin slithered and shattered as the light of his eyes flickered and gave way to darkness.

Aubri felt a numb and bitter cold spread through her body with the sudden realization that she had killed God.
The only thing left in this whole world, who is responsible for everything, is dead.

She stood back up and took another step towards God, this time falling to her knees. The blood soaking into her stained the back of her jumpsuit as her tears began to spill.

“Why did I do that?” She whispered to herself. “He was going to help me.”

Aubri felt the other Angels approaching her and jumped to her feet.

“I’m sorry I failed you,” She said. “I’m sorry I didn’t do anything sooner.”

They only had a second to react as the first shot was fired. The bullet caught Aubri in the shoulder, she felt herself tumbling backwards as her body felt like it was burning.

God hadn’t been awake for long, just long enough to detect another threat to his creation, his daughter.

She felt the tears running down her face, her vision blurred and she felt every muscle in her body twitch as she fell to the floor.

“Come to me,” God said as he approached the pool of blood, he knelt down and reached out towards Aubri. He touched her face with the gentle of his hand, he was dressed in his suit again, this time in brown with a black stripe down the pant legs.

“I’m here to take you with me to the place that you will live forever.” God said as he turned to face the Angel who had fired the bullet.

The Angel was completely calm. “Sorry,” He said. “She was just too close.”

Aubri’s eyes slowly began to clear, she was laying on a bed. Wires were everywhere, but she had no time to observe it, her only concern was getting to the source of the pain she was in.

She felt herself go weak in the legs and pulled at the bed sheets.

“Where am I?” She asked through dry lips. “Where am I?”

Her hand felt the tube of her stomach. She touched it gingerly, there was a cloth that was wrapped around her wrist, she pulled it off and found that she had bandages wrapped around her right hand as well.

God placed a finger over his lips and pointed down to the covers in front of him. Aubri followed it as it disappeared beneath the covers.

She laid there on the bed, her mind dazed. Her eyes slowly closed as the world went dark.

“Ok, don’t panic,” God said as he began to pull at the wires and tubes in her arm. “I want you to look into my eyes.”

Aubri looked up at him with an inquisitive stare.

“You can trust me,” God said as he smiled and sank his arm into her chest.

Aubri choked on blood.

“That’s what’s bothering you right now,” God said as he pulled his arm out. “This is for the best."

She began to drown in her own blood. The world around turned dark and muted and God watched as she slowly, painfully died.

“Good bye sweet angel. I’ll be seeing you in heaven.”

God stood up and touched his eyes, his face turned away from the body. He knew that one day it would have to end and that it was a part of God’s creation that he did not like.

“Is there anyone out there,” He asked in a lonely voice. “Does anyone else want to join me?”

He turned around and walked out of the room.

“I’ll see you again."

Satan scowled as he watched that one die ever so lonely. He wasn't always tasked with bringing the vermin down to Hell but it was just like Yahweh to want him to watch him fail yet again.

What a waste of skin. Satan thought as he stared down at the bloodied, broken body. He touched his face and felt the stubble of a beard that was beginning to appear. God had made him smile with the way he toyed with the aubri girl. For all that Yahweh's creations painted him as merciful God, he was a sadistic fucker.

He could have broken her out of her delusions long ago but opted to play with her. The Bastard. He had been suffering for so long, all the years that God was busy with the creation of the humans, all the years that God kept him in darkness and all the years that God has been held back by his enemies.

The Demon Lord thought for a moment and then he gave a subtle nod to his servant.

“Time to go,” He said as he followed God to the door.

Aubri lay there for hours, hardly being able to move. Her body felt like it was on fire. When she tried to get up and walk she found that she was unable to move her limbs. There was a mark where her stomach had been ripped out. Her hand was still tied down and her right arm was immobilized by two blood soaked straps. She coughed up more blood as she began to panic.

A hot gnarled hand snaked it's way into her hair and pulled. She came tumbling off the bed and was dragged into a long stone hallway. The stones scratched and tore down her knees as her intestines scraped against the floor. She could smell the exact stench of shit as her intestines emptied out onto the dirty stone floor. Her stomach continued to flip and roll, but soon the only thing that was moving was her liver.

Satan looked down at her as he walked by. He felt his stomach churn and knew that he wasn't alone.

God walked down the hall as he approached the base of the stairs. His mind was full of thoughts about everything that had gone wrong. His plans for the world and for the species to take on were crumbling. His schemes had so much potential but now there was only him and he felt so alone.

“Why,” He asked himself, “Why have I created such a flawed race?”

His mind was replaced by one of the people. A little child from Hell.

“God said that he’s going to forgive you,” The demon child whispered into his ears. “That you can have your life back, the way it used to be.”

“I have killed many people who used to believe in me,” God yelled. “So many children, young people. You are going to have to learn to deal with that, too.”

“I thought he was better than all that,” The demon child laughed. “Now, he’s just like them. He’s like all those pathetic humans who are nothing more than a pawn in your chess game.”

God turned around and looked at Satan.

“It doesn’t matter,” He said as he walked down the long corridor towards his home. “We are still in the process of finding a solution.”

Satan looked at the little monster. God hated the idea of this being in the Demon Lord's service. He despised everything that the creature stood for. But he had no other choice. The bitch had no name, she was just a thing. She was a nameless, faceless thing that God needed to control. He hated her. God hated everything about her.

Satan smiled as he followed the God towards his home.

“I can control him,” He whispered to himself.

“I can control him.”

 Tweaked lil bits and am pleasantly surprised at how little i had to tweak for it to be somehow coherent.

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For this you give it text as input and then it produces something similar? 

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For this you give it text as input and then it produces something similar? 

Essentially.  It seems to recognize patterns in format (such as time stamps for chat), and there are style and other tweaks you can adjust for it.  It must use reference material from somewhere, as it can head off the rails into some other narrative sometimes.  The more you feed examples, the stronger it stays on target: like with Emily or CS.

Thrall to the Wire of Self-Excited Circuit.
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Chaotik said:
11/23/2022 18:38:05 Chaotik I pray that everything goes well with work today. I am highly skilled and skilled in the field I work in and I believe that if I go into work today I will learn that I am in fact not worthy of me being there.

11/23/2022 18:39:23 Chaotik My vision of being an unstoppable agent of chaos is almost complete. I will live to see the sun take its rightful place in the sky, I will walk the hallways, kick over cubicles, release strange mechanical appliances from the walls and send the madman in charge to the psych ward. I will destroy all his efforts to create a soulless future for humanity and remake this earth into my own.

11/23/2022 18:40:34 Chaotik My love of explosives is so strong that I feel like I am close to reaching my apex. The earth must soon collapse, but not through a series of natural disasters. We are on the cusp of a new age. A new age of enlightenment, where we become something special, not to be followed.

11/23/2022 18:41:10 Chaotik It is so beautiful when I think of such things. Imagine all of humanity a part of an unstoppable force, unified, each one at it's respective peak, all rising together. Fears of the new world be cast away, be they of communism, fascism, global warming, pollution, mass ignorance. Each one crushed and destroyed by the force of human realization of itself. There will be no more terrorists, no more wars, no more fear. Only love, joy, appreciation of all of it's many beauties.

11/23/2022 18:42:50 Chaotik We will soar together and grow together, unified. And I am almost there, the more I am around other people the more my soul is mended and the more I come to understand myself. The sick little sad clown that was me is no more, and my eyes have been opened.

11/23/2022 18:43:57 Chaotik We shall build a better world, a better world of love, joy, understanding, life, I shall have my black cats gather around me and purr, a wonderful warmth engulfing all of us as we bring life back into our world, our world for all humanity to live and enjoy.

11/23/2022 18:44:27 Chaotik You all have a great day, take care and be careful. Peace out, mr. serenity

11/23/2022 18:44:37 Chaotik Mr. Psybeast out

11/23/2022 18:45:35 Chaotik Mr. Psybeast is out

11/23/2022 18:45:39 Chaotik Back in control

11/23/2022 18:46:16 Chaotik I'm back, don't fret everyone. I only missed a couple of days but nothing compared to the shit I missed and left lying around the house. I had some sick internet stuff to deal with.

11/23/2022 18:48:04 Chaotik Heeeeeeee!

11/23/2022 18:48:05 Chaotik lol I don't do Facebook

11/23/2022 18:48:23 Chaotik 10 years has passed.

11/23/2022 18:48:24 Chaotik Wow

11/23/2022 18:48:30 Chaotik Wow I didn't even know it was that long

11/23/2022 18:48:36 Chaotik I'm out. See you in the jungle.

11/23/2022 18:48:48 Chaotik :)

11/23/2022 18:48:56 Chaotik I'm in the lobby, try to not get killed by security

11/23/2022 18:49:00 Chaotik So how is everyone?

11/23/2022 18:49:01 Chaotik Nothing much has changed, not since they put me down.

11/23/2022 18:49:23 Chaotik I have been stuck on the black floor for 10 years.

11/23/2022 18:49:30 Chaotik Hmm I see there is a new agent of chaos, no sign of the madman.

11/23/2022 18:49:33 Chaotik You know what they say about the definition of insanity.

11/23/2022 18:49:35 Chaotik 100 years and still just a bum

11/23/2022 18:49:40 Chaotik Still the same pig, same situation.

11/23/2022 18:49:52 Chaotik This place is so slow.

11/23/2022 18:50:00 Chaotik I'll get you my pretty.

11/23/2022 18:50:05 Chaotik Ok

11/23/2022 18:50:07 Chaotik I got u

11/23/2022 18:50:08 Chaotik 8:00

11/23/2022 18:50:16 Chaotik

11/23/2022 18:50:19 Chaotik Everyone in the newsroom now, everyone, please, stay calm, stay calm, stay calm

11/23/2022 18:50:21 Chaotik Oh wait, did you say 8:00?

11/23/2022 18:50:25 Chaotik Where is everybody?

11/23/2022 18:50:39 Chaotik Uhhhh

11/23/2022 18:50:44 Chaotik The newsroom

11/23/2022 18:50:45 Chaotik Ok

11/23/2022 18:50:47 Chaotik

11/23/2022 18:50:50 Chaotik

11/23/2022 18:50:55 Chaotik The newsroom

11/23/2022 18:51:03 Chaotik Ok, looks like you have time to listen to this.

11/23/2022 18:51:13 Chaotik So...

11/23/2022 18:51:15 Chaotik And so we start to hear noises coming from the main elevator.

11/23/2022 18:51:16 Chaotik They are a lot closer than they were.

11/23/2022 18:51:19 Chaotik Oh shit, they're opening the door now.

11/23/2022 18:51:21 Chaotik It sounds like someone is getting dragged to the elevator.

11/23/2022 18:51:23 Chaotik They have to be fucking.

11/23/2022 18:51:25 Chaotik What the hell is that, open up the fucking door, they're totally eating someone.

11/23/2022 18:51:28 Chaotik They aren't getting the elevator by jumping in there!

11/23/2022 18:51:32 Chaotik Wait

11/23/2022 18:51:34 Chaotik Not going to stand by and let this happen, not with the new agent of chaos on the loose.

11/23/2022 18:51:35 Chaotik The new agent of chaos

11/23/2022 18:51:37 Chaotik

11/23/2022 18:51:37 Chaotik Alright let's see who this idiot is

11/23/2022 18:51:39 Chaotik Are you ok out there?

11/23/2022 18:51:42 Chaotik Dude!

11/23/2022 18:51:44 Chaotik Dude,

11/23/2022 18:51:47 Chaotik Let me in

11/23/2022 18:51:49 Chaotik Alright

11/23/2022 18:51:53 Chaotik Alright let me in

11/23/2022 18:51:55 Chaotik Are you with me?

11/23/2022 18:52:00 Chaotik Dude, I have to, ok?

11/23/2022 18:52:01 Chaotik Alright

11/23/2022 18:52:03 Chaotik Let me in

11/23/2022 18:52:03 Chaotik Dude, what are you doing?

11/23/2022 18:52:04 Chaotik

11/23/2022 18:52:05 Chaotik

11/23/2022 18:52:06 Chaotik Are you fuckin' dumb?

11/23/2022 18:52:07 Chaotik I have to help

11/23/2022 18:52:09 Chaotik

11/23/2022 18:52:09 Chaotik

11/23/2022 18:52:11 Chaotik

11/23/2022 18:52:12 Chaotik
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I can't wait until all of media and literature gets automated and AI generated to provide us with masterpieces so powerful that it will propell us into a new golden age of philosophy. Who knows, maybe the answer to life's question is a matter of computational power

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Entirety of SC automated posts, threads with thousands of new ones a week, all weaving an intricate web of succulent content so vivid that you simply refuse to believe these are machines. We'll have AI pen pals for life 

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Xadem said: 

Entirety of SC automated posts, threads with thousands of new ones a week, all weaving an intricate web of succulent content so vivid that you simply refuse to believe these are machines. We'll have AI pen pals for life 

 Haven’t you realized we *are* AI or inside of AI 



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Hotz using gpt in is work flow.

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