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good morning I ordered a sweater from SHEIN in a size large and it came the size to fit a doll 




I called 911 and I'm suing 

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correct me if I'm wrong but I like these necklaces 

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Blanc said: 

correct me if I'm wrong but I like these necklaces 

You're wrong, you don't like those necklaces. 

Ę̵̚x̸͎̾i̴͚̽s̵̻͐t̷͐ͅe̷̯͠n̴̤̚t̵̻̅i̵͉̿a̴̮͊l̵͍̂ ̴̹̕D̵̤̀e̸͓͂t̵̢͂e̴͕̓c̸̗̄t̴̗̿ï̶̪v̷̲̍é̵͔
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oh my god this website is so cute. I've seen a lot of product websites and this is one I'm definitely IMPRESSED with. yes. 


all these products are so cute and I smelled them in Sephora and they're all to die for smell wise, like, there's good smelling normal stuff, and then there is like oH MY GOD I HAVE TO BUY THIS. and every single one of these products has that, "I HAVE TO GET IT" good smelling factor. 




they stand good competition for Briogeo, which is my favorite hair care brand ;) the quality of their products- how they feel, how they work, and the pay off of the products- how amazing they make your hair look- while still being a "clean, green, earth friendly" brand while being free of all the bad chemicals and stuff... absolute perfection. 


but this brand, I like this Eva- NYC brand okurr. They're really stepping it up and, their products are beautiful, actually work nicely and smell fucking amazing. 


there are a lot of other hair care and hair product brands I really like, and have amazing amazing products, but I just wanted to highlight how fucking cute and good smelling these products are :P and how good their website is. yasssssssssszzz

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I eva new york sunflower oil hair mist is dope 


please do not look at me, i do not exist. thank you.
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Super cute jewelry & online shop 

i love her style <3

also her merch is pretty cute too. 

So yeah, she sells cute unique jewelry and cute merch :) like sweaters and stuff. 


She gets all her stuff from mexico^ (vlog showing how she gets her jewelry to sell) 

makes a lot of sense, gold is much cheaper in mexico. So its very smart what she is doing. 

A lot of people do this sort of thing with gold, moving it around from different countries and essentially making more money on it. 

But yeah um, i just am sharing this because i love mexico yay!!! It just makes me so happy seeing it and just, love. Love it. The music, and her culture, etc. It is a second home to me even though I’m not Mexican!! I lived there for a couple years and now it will always be a fond place 

it’s sort of where i got my first taste of independence and grew into myself like a “coming of age” experience, becoming an adult from a teenager and just, experiencing life on my own so. It, just has a super special place in my heart and i fell in love with the culture. 

So like, when people get me Mexican themed gifts or things imported from there i always really appreciate it, and of course visiting Cancun is nice- which my family has blessed me with vacations to there. Thank god they like it as much as i do. So I still get to return every now and then which I truly love. 

(But Puebla is where I lived mainly, though visited many other parts) 

(btw, flight from Orlando to Cancun is super cheap and super fast. Takes like 1.5 hours, so it’s like a drive to the beach. Is why it’s easy for us all to go there. We’re not like wasting huge amounts of money and its not as big as an ordeal as it seems. The flight is just super easy and quick and it goes by in a blink. Is why we’ve done it.)


- lol through out this entire video when she’s explaining the process of how it all works, if you’ve lived in Mexico you know- this is actually how it be. Hahah with things getting stolen in the post etc. You literally have to fly with *everything* in your hand on the flight, if you want to ever see it again. 

Also @14:00 where she’s talking about getting more things for her business, it’s so funny because that’s genuinely how mexico works. It brings me back to memories of when I lived there. It’s like, the world before the internet there in a lot of places, like it’s the 90’s there essentially. It’s really cool. So like, you really get to know all the people working in the city or town you live in, and like you just walk in and get to know them and its all very connected like a network. So like you need something done, they connect you to someone they know who needs business or, knows a guy who knows a guy, and its all very done like that. It’s so funny. Deals are made on the spot a lot of the time, there’s no real price tags on anything. And you make exchanges and favors. You get jobs really easily just by volunteering yourself to work, and be of help. It’s not hard to start out as a “new citizen” there like how I was, because the people are so welcoming to the idea of making friends with strangers and bringing you into their lives, and everyone there is so connected you quickly become a part of that town just by showing up and involving yourself. It’s so cool because, things aren’t like that in a lot of places in America anymore. Or you’re kind of weird if you try to do that in like, say New York City, or even Orlando. Strangers don’t get to know each other or interact, it’s like, “hi, bye” kind of situation. Where as in Mexico it’s like, you walk into a phone shop, you end up working there and having dinner with their family and 80 other friends that night on accident and then they give you a ride home. LOL 


Love her channel 

so she has great jewelry taste as well (links to everything in the description) 

her channel is mainly fashion and beauty 

and then she also has an amazing fashion blog 



she just, puts together outfits so well and gives me ideas 

because I’m actually so retarded at putting outfits together. It’s an actual shame. 

So yeah she.... she helps me. Lol 

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Those jimmy choo’s are cute 



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I was just thinking about making a video just like this the other day 

like, sort of on the theme of "things we don't have time for in 2020" you know? 

I saw someone do a makeup version of this... I can't remember who it was... fuck. 

but yeah, I could... do one of these honestly. 

just pertaining to like, consumerism and buying things. products. brands. all the tea. all the shade. the real tea. I don't know. 


I love her hair in this video. but she's righttttt. she's right about everything in this video.

patricia is like a mom. listen to Patricia. she is your guiding light in this world of bull shit! 

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Isn't planning to make a video on "things we dont have time for" kind of an oxymoron?

please do not look at me, i do not exist. thank you.
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Isn't planning to make a video on "things we dont have time for" kind of an oxymoron?

 I think of a lot of random ideas creatively and I just write all of them down 

it's not like I planned it purposefully it's more like my brain just does it in the background while I'm working or driving etc, walking around buying things 


as I'm going about my day my brain starts listing things like, "yeah, you don't have time for all these things. you should make a whole post about that. things you don't have time for anymore. like this thing, and this. and this." 

and I'm like OKAY I GET IT SHUT UP 

*writes down idea so my brain will leave me alone* I WILL THINK ABOUT THIS LATER IM TRYING TO FOCUS I'M BUYING DOG FOOD 


but yeah it's not an oxymoron if you make revenue on your videos or they bring traffic to a blog website etc. whatever. traffic in general online has value. monetarily. 

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