- That link you posted doesn't count his greatest source of income, which is his real world. Which averages 250,000 students paying 50 bucks a month. Do the math. 

How many have stuck around this far along? 

His seized assets also weren't returned, so that affects his net worth. 

The bigger paragraph you wrote there doesn't matter. He's successful on a corporate level more than a single person could've ever hoped for. Who cares if he runs out of steam, anyone would be blessed in his shoes. 

A kickboxing pimp who went to prison is worthy of praise? 

Weird, this dude almost sounds like Edvard. 

Rome didn't have the internet nor factory levels of automation to keep up with demand, so it's not really the same ballpark anymore.

Rome got tackled by barbarians. 

Who would be the barbarians in the modern world then for this analogy to hold up? 

Otherwise this angle you have going here is pretty gross, your idea of good mental health for women is for them to regressionally resume the position of learned helplessness over your own ineptitudes when it comes to social adaptation being further empowered by a group of like-minded failures.

That's your opinion. I'd argue I never made any statements about women's mental health, but rather a strong family foundation being the root of a person's good mental health. 

You have but whatever. 

While I'm at it. Marriage is for the sake of raising a solid family. Though I personally don't believe in it in this day and age. It's been destroyed which is why Islam is going to populate and take over the west eventually. 

It's not about the Russians tho? 

Once again the dude's just a glorified pimp with a cult leader pulling strings behind his charisma. He treats them like assets instead of people and he even drops a lot of the same tropes openly. He's just mogging an overcompensating Red Pill brand SMV with some Pyramid Schemes doused in a coat of modern paint, and without Iggy he'd have been a complete nobody in today's political climate. 

I don't think you have any evidence of your claim about Iggy.

From what I gather, Tate has a band of men with various talents, Iggy is a part of that.  I think you've came up with a conclusion about Iggy. 

Do your research dude, he's clearly Tate's handler. He's the guy who ghostwrote his book, considering Tate is the guy who literally said reading books is for idiots. Iggy even gave himself a special title as a pat on the back for his weird monk larp cult. 

Compare the guy to how Ahnold Schwarzenegger did in his prime (and is doing now), Tate's the dying breath of The Male Power Fantasy looking to make a smooth buck on some simps and rubes rather than it's savior, and dudes are acting like they just learned Santa's fake. If this dude were propped up back when The Man Show was a staple of television and Action Heroes were one of the most popular genres, no one would give a shit about Tate's Hustle over how he's little more than a Salesman. 

Tate teaches young men not to simp. That's a bad thing. Though some women think it's a good thing, it really isn't. 

Tate's course offers things like marketing. Copywriting Nate, how to copywrite. Cryptocurrency and stocks, Dropshipping, Ai, money and time management. Most young guys don't look into those things, and not all will succeed. For 50 bucks I say it's worth it, though I personally never joined, I learned my craft on my own, though I did join some trading groups along the way and learned quite a lot. 

Coffeezilla did a think on Tate once. He made 3 grand and ended up complaining how the HU never made him rich. If you ask me, if you pay 50 dollars and learned something to make 3k, that's a really good start and it beats hanging out on a forum doesn't it. 

I don't really see how this is related to the quoted portion, and the dude's just an MLM pyramid with others doing the work for him. 

We've seen this stuff since the 80s, it's the whole "Do you want to make it big like me? Then buy my VHS and make money today!" model but dressed in a fresh coat of male ego fears. 

Men (white ones especially) are going nuts, but the symptoms coming out of it resemble an entire gender learning they are just as helpless as the ladies they once prided themselves as being above. They're acting so disillusioned over the death of Male Innocence's Power Fantasy, while the rest of us are like: 

I'd argue you're a white man who went nuts. lol Male innocence. Man.

The Power Fantasy is a boy's dream, not a man's life. Men learning this as society adapts to new demands are effectively mid-tantrum ala The Five Stages of Grief. 

Conflating the dude's sins in lust and greed with anything holy is also insulting towards your own faith. If anything his approach is largely Earthly and Satanic, all about wealth, ego aesthetics, and pussy instead of the hereafter.

No one is conflating his sins. What's being conflated is his message, what he's doing, what he's selling. Also I don't really believe in faith but since you're talking Christianity, none of that would be an insult to it because Christianity suggests we're all sinners.

So that makes what he does okay? If a building is on fire, it's fine to throw gasoline on it? 

God gave a man 1 job. That's to spread his seed, and it's why a man in 2024 has to up his game, especially in the land of inflation. 

Oh god don't tell me you're a mogger.