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pallas. who are my friends. group composition by personality type

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this is my book, which i wrote over the last 5 years, after observing this sick world for about 20 years.

i have a possible solution for the question: who are my friends?
aka: how do we have to arrange human relations between different personality types, to create stable groups?

Pallas. Who are my friends. Group composition by personality type.

Who are my friends?

The question sounds simple ... but it's complicated,
and psychology experts still don't have an answer.
So: We have to help ourselves.

Topic: Justice. People and relations.

Target group: People with a future. Farmers and soldiers.

Technical terms: Human Resource Management. Matchmaking Algorithm. Interpersonal Compatibility. Team Composition.

My theses:

1. Every human needs four friends and four common friends.

2. These friends fulfill a certain pattern, the Pallas pattern.
Friends are next to each other in straight directions.
Common friends are diagonal in groups of four.

3. The Pallas pattern applies to all people.

4. People are different according to: gender, age, personality type.

5. Personality type equals inner gender times inner age.

So ... Who are my friends?

Only a few worldviews provide an answer, for example astrology and socionics make predictions about the compatibility between personality types. But that is too imprecise for me. I am looking for a mathematically exact system, to explain and predict voluntary relations.

TODO I am looking for a "holistic" theory to apply in work and private life. One weakness of organizational psychology is its limitation to work life. because "interfering in privacy is unprofessional"...

So, "Who are my friends?", or in other words: How do we must connect different people, so that everyone is happy? "Different people" means above all: people with different personality types.

Synonyms: Personality Type, Subjective World View, Subjective Truth, Inner Values, Taste, Humor, Talent, Temperament.

who is milahu? im 34 now, i have almost never worked in my life, wasted many years in school and university (i have studied electrical engineering for 1 year), wasted 2 years for a "party lifestyle" (MDMA, 2C, LSD, DMT, THC, ...), wasted 3 years in prison for growing cannabis, wasted 2 years in psychiatry for pissing off the wrong people (based on the false accusation that im "crazy and dangerous", they say im a "paranoid schizophrenic" who wants to kill people) ... since then im living off social welfare (500 euros per month + appartment). my favorite movies: fight club 1999, the matrix 1999, south park 1999, idiocracy 2006, JFK to 911 Everything Is A Rich Man's Trick 2015, planet of the humans 2019, dont look up 2021

my book is an attempt to fix some fundamental problems of our culture. i write open source code as a hobby, and i want an open source culture for all aspects of life, including a development process, where people can report issues and propose fixes, just like on github. aka: radical transparency

why is our education system not transparent? a simple answer is that we are ruled by idiots, who simply dont have a mathematically-exact concept of "how to do it right", and instead, we are ruled by people with low standards, who are happy with this hell on earth, who think that "perfection is boring"... in other words, we are ruled by "mystics" who have declared all "gnostics" as enemies of the state.

i see myself as such a "gnostic", in the sense of: scientist, rational, cold-blooded, pragmatic, free of morals, free of false hopes, free of false fears, ... christians call me "antichrist", socialists call me "antisocial"... i call these people "social darwinists", who seriously are dreaming of "equality", which ultimately means: they have to kill all the antisocial people, and only then, their socialism will work.

what i describe in my book is the orthogonal opposite: im dreaming of "radical tolerance" based on personality types: all personality types are equally important, and should appear in equal numbers. with 4 personality types, each type should make 25% of the population. my whole theory is based on personality psychology, where you sort all people into few boxes.

but then, practically all modern psychology has no answer on the simple question: who are my friends? aka: how do we have to arrange human relations between different personality types, to create stable groups?

bla bla bla.

what do i want? im looking for "smart" people, who are interested in solutions that work "here and now". my hypothesis looks good to me, but im biased, so i want to know: does my hypothesis also work for other people? because if my hypothesis really is a "natural order", then it works for all humans.

if my hypothesis is true, what are the consequences? tribalism. i propose to create many tribes = small states, each state has 150 humans = dunbar's number = natural group size. these tribes have all freedom to dictate their own rules = internal politics. when people dont like their tribe, they can "vote with their feet" and try to find a better tribe. tribes also have the freedom to tribal warfare.

what about the empire? the global empire in its current shape is evil, because it has too much control over internal politics of tribes, and it is leeching too many taxes. in my vision, the global empire has only one job: keep tribes small = keep small-states small. for this job, some small tax is acceptable.

my progress so far? frustrating. i am distributing my book as broad as possible, because the topic is so generic that it affects all humans. but at the same time, nobody seems to care. probably also because all smart people always converge to nihilism (everything will die, so nothing matters). i have distributed about 3000 books for free here in germany, and so far i have zero feedback. i do everything myself: writing, printing, running. one book costs me 0,80 euros for the material. i give my book away for free to prove that im serious. my only interest is: is my hypothesis true or false?

i also distribute my book to children (16 years and older), which is also why police are threatening to "fuck my life" if i continue distributing my book in public here in germany. police are planning to break into my appartment, steal all my hardware and documents, and throw me into psychiatry for years, because then i get no publicity from an official trial in a court of law, where i would be accused of "hate speech". in german this is called "volksverhetzung", which literally means "to push people to violence against some minority". (you know, just like "the nazis" did in 1933 to push people to violence against "jews".)

blah. thanks for reading, thanks for sharing


this is a repost from kiwifarms:
pallas. who are my friends. group composition by personality type

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The Taoist sage vs the Nietzscheian Ubermensch - for me, taoism sounds very much like the world view of type 4: passive, defensive, adaptive, following. type 4 = fish = element water. so this also fits with the translation from "tao" to "liquid" == "water": """The "Tao" which Taoism is named after is a primordial force that permeates anything and everything. It arises from absolutely nothing, and absolutely everything springs from it. It could be compared to a liquid, flowing and taking the forms of different containers yet constantly subject to change."""


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not really understanding the beef with the nixos maintainers. the tor onion you linked on KF is mostly a schizo rant, except the part about merging patch pratices possibly relating to something they did

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I can't help but feel texts like these could only be written this obsessively by someone who lacks friends to such a degree as to externalize it to being a worldly problem. It reminds me of that dude (whose name escapes me at the moment) who went on about how male anger is the fault of women not giving them sex, ergo a woman should be assigned to every man by the government. The guy going on about that made it more than clear he wasn't getting any. 

The Appendix is where it gets weirder in a way that's easier to read, the guy randomly quotes South Park multiple times and goes on seemingly unrelated rambles there. For example: 

Children do not understand that: 

"Children do not understand that", say teachers who kick me out, when I distribute my text to "their" students. Teachers say that my text is "not helpful" and that it only confuses the students ... but I make exactly the same accusation against teachers: forced schooling is a waste of time and child abuse. The teachers make children stupid and weak, so that later, they go to work as good slaves for the industry. The problem is, the industry has no future, so the children are being prepared for something that has no future.

This thing takes a lot of patience to read, but at least for warming into it the Appendix is divided into sections. The numerology's a classic telltale over trying to sort method out of a seeming chaos to the point of fixating on said number (like The Number 23), but the reference tangents... wow. 

What's more amazing to me is over how something like this could stem from as small a question as 'Why don't I have friends?'. Most would self-direct it to being about something they could improve themselves over, or blame the state of society to externalize the perception of the issue, while this dude's overcompensating about archetypes and distribution while making charts like: 

Posted Image
Not even one reference towards The Four Humors either, nor The Four Horsemen. Talk about missed opportunities. 

Ę̵̚x̸͎̾i̴͚̽s̵̻͐t̷͐ͅe̷̯͠n̴̤̚t̵̻̅i̵͉̿a̴̮͊l̵͍̂ ̴̹̕D̵̤̀e̸͓͂t̵̢͂e̴͕̓c̸̗̄t̴̗̿ï̶̪v̷̲̍é̵͔
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> texts like these could only be written this obsessively by someone who lacks friends to such a degree as to externalize it to being a worldly problem.

nice try, idiot.

im offering a possible solution to a fundamental problem, and your response is just another cheap attempt to destroy my persona, to deduce from there that my hypothesis is false. problem is, that is not how science works.

just like on kiwifarms, just like on most other online forums, im wasting my time here, with people who fail the most basic intelligence tests. byee!

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