An issue I often see, is that while many people are amazing at following some lofty ideology to the exact word that is supposedly supposed to benefit humanity, those same people are often still markedly unpleasant on a personal level, letting their ego and desires make them mistreat other people in their immediate vicinity. A lot of the time they'll even use their lofty ideology as an excuse to severely mistreat and dehumanize people that don't fit in with it even.

So I think ultimately helping humanity long term is all about how you are on an individual, personal basis, to the people immediately surrounding you. All of the hate we see in the world is from a web of ego, trauma and delusions. And unfortunately, a lot of these extreme hateful viewpoints in people came out of incidents of direct mistreatment by people in their immediate personal life. So, just try not to be that person that sends somebody into an egotistical spiral of defensive self destruction.

Trying to benefit the world without first trying to benefit the people immediately surrounding you by being pleasant is sort of like trying to build a house with bricks that are of very low quality. It's bound to crumble because you didn't care about the little things. So to hell with lofty ideology, just treat individuals with some decency and be pleasant company.