A topic for Buttered Toast / Delora to organize movies for the community, which are voted on and streamed at the top of the page on Tuesdays. [Discontinued for now]

The First Music Thread:
The classic topic for dumping music that's had many imitators where single songs are posted that reflect the tastes of the poster. 

Dumb Shit That Makes You Laugh: 
Somewhere to post things you found on the internet that, in spite of seeming beneath true appreciation, ended up getting a laugh anyway. 

Quotes from Members / Memorable Quotes
Two places to quote your fellow users, usually at their expense. 

Whatchu Watchin?:
Somewhere to share the shows or streams you are watching as to share them with others. 

If you have any suggestions, whether new topics that deserve to be here like a news topic or a post collective for users here maybe, or classics overlooked that I've yet to add, they can be talked over to be added here for easier access. 

The Community Topic Topic is somewhere to suggest it, but I will look over independently hosted topics too. 

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