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lol I'm like, dead serious gonna take a piece of her hair and run the DNA and do a background check on the phone number to see what I can find. Also going to try to pry her last name from her though I have a feeling it will be fake :) or perhaps somehow find a scenario that will lead me to seeing any form of identification and I'm going to take a picture of it front and back if I can... if not just remember the name on it and information and run it. 

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i threatened someone who was in the witness protection program once. i think she thought i didn't know who she was, so she started acting reckless. LMAO

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i threatened someone who was in the witness protection program once. i think she thought i didn't know who she was, so she started acting reckless. LMAO

 who was she

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some girl whose father was chased out of his country for being an incredibly corrupt criminal. he clearly passed it down cos she had the worse snobbiest attitude of any rich bitch i've ever known. would actually scream at people as though they were her servants and was just a nightmare in general. sheltered is not even the word.

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Lol this is what happens when I don’t take my meds


this is one of the reasons why I take meds 


when I’m off them i pay too close attention to the individuals around me to a point that I can’t focus on anything else because I’m so distracted by everything I’m thinking about them 


and my mind starts piecing shit together like rapidly about their background and who they are and weird shit 


this weird thing I mean... I’ve always known I was a bit perceptive (without my meds) the attention to detail is too high and it’s like that’s on full volume and the rest of reality is blurred background noise... and yeah I get oddly obsessed with it 


but I didn’t know I was actually right I mean I’ve learned over time I’m decent at detecting lies and reading or predicting things about people or what they might say or do, the better j know them the better the perception is like, I can tell you where someone I know is just based on knowing them well and I can tell just from a text if they’re inebriated or who they’re with. It’s really fucking weird how accurate it is. But yeah then one day I pulled a wild card and I realized I had a gift when I pin pointed the sociopath in the room. I spotted him right away, he tried too hard to seem normal but it’s like he was made of plastic. Everything was too normal but his reality and personality was 2-dimensional and seemed like the perfect constructed facade a criminal mind would use to hide behind. Between that and just how he acted and dressed it just was blatantly obviously to me. 

I watched him every Sunday in church with my grandmother, this is when I was living with her. And something about it was just getting under my skin and I really wanted to know what the fuck he was up to behind the scenes like what was he hiding. Why was he so.... perfectly put together. It was like unusual. But without a gay vibe. 

And then this girl comes to me and is like yo I was raped long story short lol and I was like ummmm... (looks at photos online from the night she’s talking about it happening, at the party she and the perpetrator attended according to her) ummmmmm and he was there in the photo but was the only one to not tag himself. Odd because he was tagged in so many other things... he liked to appear like a social butterfly like he was at every event in town. Small town. He knew everyone. Charming. Ran for student government. That’s how well known and involved in the community he was. But all of it was like a facade to me he didn’t seem authentic like everyone else was just normal. But he was like, pin pointed about the things he did as if he was trying too hard to give the appearance, of normal but it was so forced.


it hurt to look at how fucking painfully robotic he was. Very particular. Not a hair out of place. It was sickening. 

every, fucking, day. The same. I’m like is he OCD or is he just really not creative when it comes to hair and clothes? 

But when you look back further there is a dramatic shift. He used to appear quite creepy and emo, dark. And loner. Geek. Loser. Dressed, shitty. Had no friends. And then all the sudden it’s college and his entire personality seems to change over night. 

As if he copied and pasted something from a book or a magazine and decided “I’m gonna be that guy” 




anyways I show the girl who claims she was raped a photo of him. Because she said she didn’t know his name so she didn’t know what to tell the police. And I said, “this the guy?” Lol 


just on a hunch. 

I don’t know what compelled me to do that but this was before I was on meds so I do weird stuff like that without meds like- stuff I wouldn’t normally do that I feel a strange boundary against or a filter against doing or saying- that’s not there without meds lol *at all* 


so I did some strange things and that’s one of them I guess. Stepping outside of a boundary honestly, in my opinion. 

But I just had to know. Like I said there ties in the obsession. This like tick where you just have to know or you wouldn’t be able to sleep at night. 

And so yeah she said that was the guy and I was like are you fuckkkkingggg suureeeeeeeee 


and she’s like yes!!!!!!! And I’m like no seriously ARE YOU FUCKING SURE 


and she’s like YES! THATS HIM!!!! 

And I was like aight cool his name is blah blah blah here’s his Facebook you can turn him in if you want bye lol have a nice day 💕

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also another creepy detail, that guy was studying to become a priest darlings! 



:( that’s what he might of been planning, or just using the holy status in town to thwart any assumptions about him raping people?? I don’t fucking know why he thought that would be a good cover up 


I don’t fucking know the level of how deranged and deluded he was but it sounds so incredibly cliche it’s no wonder he was caught so easily just by a random by stander (me) 


I didn’t even have to witness the crime to know it was so fucking obvious 


like cmon. A priest? Student government? Singing in the choir? Yeah right church boy go to hell.


*jail bars dramatically close* 


#dont rape people 


#youll get caught by weird people like me who are watching your every move 

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