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Sudanese brides under pressure to have FGM - again

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Some women in Sudan are opting to undergo female genital mutilation (FGM) a month or two before their wedding to pretend to be virgins.

This is even though most of them have already been circumcised as girls - something that usually happens between the ages of four and 10 years old.

In the mainly Muslim country this can involve the removal of the clitoris and labia and often includes some stitching to narrow the vaginal opening - a process known as infibulation.

These stitches come away when a woman has sex.

If a bride-to-be opts for further FGM, the operation, usually carried out by midwives, can involve cutting away more of the labia and re-stitching the vagina.

'Couldn't walk for days'
"It was so painful and I had to go and stay with a friend of mine for days until I recovered because I didn't want my mother to know," said Maha, which is not her real name so that her identity can be protected.

"Urinating was an issue and I couldn't walk properly in the first few days."

Maha underwent the operation with two months to go to her wedding to a man "a little bit older" than herself.

"He will never have trust me if he discovers that I have had sex before our marriage," she said.

"He would ban me from going out or even using the phone."

The university graduate in her 20s comes from a state in northern Sudan, which bans FGM.

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WTF, I just have to wonder why this kind of craziness started. Who came up with the idea of cutting a woman's clitoris out of their body so they don't have sexual pleasure any longer? Why?

Is this a result of some men's total sexual insecurity? Why would you want this? Fucked up cringe.


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In the land of Sudan, where the winds carry the whispers of tradition and culture, a dark and painful practice still endures. It is the mutilation of women's genitals, a practice that has caused physical and emotional harm to millions of women and girls.


The removal of the external female genitalia, or other injury to female genital organs for non-medical reasons, is a violation of human rights. This barbaric practice, often justified as a cultural or religious tradition, is inflicted on young girls between infancy and 15 years of age.


Imagine being that young girl, taken from your home and subjected to a painful and unnecessary procedure. Imagine the fear and trauma you would experience, as you lie there helpless and vulnerable.


The harm caused by female genital mutilation (FGM) is both physical and psychological. Girls are left with lifelong health consequences, including pain, infections, and complications during childbirth. And the mental scars are even harder to heal, as FGM reinforces gender-based violence and harmful gender norms.


In Sudan, it is deeply concerning to hear that women are resorting to this barbaric practice to deceive their future husbands about their virginity. But there is no medical or scientific evidence to support the belief that FGM is necessary for preserving a woman's virginity or ensuring marital fidelity.


Efforts to end FGM must involve education and awareness-raising campaigns that challenge harmful beliefs and norms surrounding this practice. These campaigns should also involve community leaders, religious leaders, and educators to ensure that the message reaches the broader community.


It is essential to provide support for survivors of FGM and to work towards preventing future cases of this harmful practice. This can involve strengthening laws and policies that prohibit FGM, as well as providing access to health services and psychological support for those who have been affected by it.


Ultimately, ending FGM requires a coordinated effort from all sectors of society, including governments, civil society organizations, and communities themselves. By working together, we can ensure that women and girls everywhere are free from the harmful effects of FGM and can live full, healthy lives.

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