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Any other trans people here?

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I've been on hormone therapy for years, but my shoulders are still broader than I'd like and I still sound like a man. I'm otherwise pretty happy with the HRT. I've had boob and ass jobs (the kind where they inject fat). I'm considering the surgery now...having my dick removed and a vag constructed. Which is hotter: a trans woman with or without a dick?

Dick or no dick?
Voters(1): Bossroach
No dick
Voters(1): spite
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The whole appeal of traps is the dikk

2:48Spatial Mind The guy was sticking his dick in an infants mouth, it was so fucking disturbing
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this thread is so funny

really, natasha has to be one of the best internet trolls to exist

a feared and hated foe, banned from every site she visits. a true tenacious keyboard pitbull

the fact that she is still significant here speak volumes to her affect on others, so cool

she will go down in SC history as the most evil and hated troll. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA


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