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Why am i so obsessed with animal crossing?

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You should not play this game if you have an addictive personality 


something about it, i could literally turn into an anti-social hermit playing this stupid game


in middle school i used to *live* in this game like 


i did nothing but sit on my floor and stare at my DS for 8 hours. 


Unhealthy and obsessive, probably. Do i still love it anyways? Yes. 


Am i 24 years old now and still love it just as much? Yes. 


I dont know what is wrong with me but i can’t like grow out of certain things and this is one of them. I just want to play it endlessly. 


This game is so addictive that when i was living in mexico and didn’t have my game anymore, I had it shipped across the fing country and paid for international shipping just so i could play it. 


It’s like a bottle of anti-anxiety pills but in a game i shit you not. It can block out anything. 


Something about the pretty colors and the animation, and how much creativity you are allowed to express in the game. I dunno. 


I have literally all the versions of the game. It is my one true love. 


I had an animal crossing blog on tumblr and was like activiely linked in the gaming community on there, i was 19 years old lol. And playing the same game i played when i was 12. Lol. We would all skype, the like big animal crossing blogs on there and we would play our game together, a few of us had a YouTube channel. They were also artists who did commission work, i did some art too.


and then yeah i was really active on the forums, like *from the beginning* when these forums first started i was on it 


i was like in sicko mode in my wild world game i had like 13 million bells, not even exaggerating. 


I spent way too much time making my tumblr look cute for it. I dont know why but I’m just utterly obsessed with this freaking game XD and of course i had a few friends i knew IRL whjo’s Play. It with me too and what not 


I’m just a freakin geek for animal crossing bro 


and here i am 24 years old. I tried to deny my love for it for years. Claiming i was too grown up. Wanting to deny how much of a nerd i am. But in all honesty, I’m literally a geek for animal crossing. 


Animal crossing and chill? 



I remember i literally would just walk around my town at night a lot like i would literally go for walks- but in the game XD just to enjoy the scenery. 


The only thing i was is that there was more. Like more, space. Bigger towns/cities to go to, more shops, more characters and neighbors.


like they have more fossils and fish and shit than they do characters in the game. Oh and also they allow u to go swimming but in order to get to the island you have to wait for this stupid guys o show up on the dock and it shouldn’t be like that. Let us go to the island and just swim there idgaf. Lol 


anyways. Oh and i also like, am a nerd for the music, the kk music and the background music. The stuffed animals and the little trinkets. The AC themed Nintendo gear. The little birthday cake. The cosplay. The fan art. I love it all dude. 


Oh and also the movies and YouTube videos made based off of it. I’ve watched every single one. And learned to play some of the music on piano based on youtube tutorials. 


I literally have dreams, where i am in animal crossing. 


The game, has posssessed me. And i never want to leave. I just want to stay in my fantasy bubble of animal crossing forever and never grow up lol 


its just a soothing happy place for me so if u haven’t gotten addicted to it yet i highly recommend this is the game to get addicted to 


i just browse through pictures on tumblr now under the AC new leaf tag usually now and just obsess over how cute their stuff is. But yeah. 


Forever <3 animal crossing. That is all. 


They also have a mobile version. Ok bye 

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It’s soothing in the way that coloring is 


its just like coloring 


but better 

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cool blonc

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Imagine if they created a theme park 


I would cry 

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I have The GameCube version stashed away. The game was boring. 


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game cube version is the first version 


and it's not as good as the later version for other devices/consoles 


pls don't write it off until you've tried all versions because you're truly missing out 

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2:48Spatial Mind The guy was sticking his dick in an infants mouth, it was so fucking disturbing
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Here you go blanc. Though I don't know if you can transfer YEARS of progress over to the new game. You might be playing that one for the rest of your life.

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fuck yea boiii 

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The game by design conditions you. It's actually kind of neat to watch the triggers in the game develop into pleasant sensations, and hear people try to talk about why the game is "fun" when, without the conditioning, it's actually super boring. 

Harvest Moon is the O.G. shit, while Animal Crossing's more like the over the counter medicines. 

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