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surviving summer (fuck summer in florida what the fuck)

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hello surviving summer is very difficult 


how are you surviving this scorcher? for those who don't know, florida has been in a heat dome. and the beaches have put out heat advisories. 


as a local who is 'used to florida' and it's summers- i can admit this one in particular is so bad it's actually requiring you to adapt to a completely different way of life in order to not die (love that for us) 


how are you adapting and surving global warming i mean *coughs* summer? any tips and tricks 


any complaints? you're welcome


my complaints: 

- don't go to florida in the summer 

- move away 

- skin cancer 

- too many bugs 

- too humid and can't breathe 

- it's relaly disgusting don't come here even for disney or a beach trip don't do it u will regret it stay out 

- there is no way to enjoy this 


haven't even mentioned the hurricanes yet or checked their trajectory but i know they're coming. i'm literally leaving at least a week before hand i mean literally leaving the state and i'm just not coming back i'm done wih florida and its shit



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Florida in general does not have much going for it. 

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Florida in general does not have much going for it. 

 The “snowbirds” (those that travel there in winter for second homes etc) would beg to differ 

Answer my other question of you Why did you make a comment about Andrew’s family? 

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Florida's hot season begins in Key West in late March and arrives in North Florida in early June. It ends first in North Florida in early October and reaches the Florida Keys in early December. There is a slight geographic variation in the beginning and end of the season brought about by proximity to the Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic Ocean, both of which exert their influence by slightly advancing the beginning compared to stations in the interior and retarding the end compared to stations in the interior. An unexplained anomaly to this generality is an area found on the west side of Lake Okeechobee where the hot season begins later than the area surrounding it, and ends earlier.
Increase in the length of the hot season has been mainly due to the end arriving later, not the beginning arriving earlier. Actually there were only five stations where there was a trend during the 58-year period toward an earlier arrival of the end of the season.
It is extremely difficult to assign responsibility for these changes in the hot season during the 58-year period. Many variables seem to be involved in the explanation, and no single variable, for example an increase in carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere, can be applied to all of them. If global warming were the most important variable we would have seen a greater homogeneity in changes in the hot seasons among these stations. However, the large number of Florida's weather stations situated in highly urbanized areas that have experienced great changes in the beginning, the end, and the length of their hot seasons easily leads one to the conclusion that the urban heat island must exert a powerful influence in their changes over time.
It almost sounds a bit like the more people coming down and the consequent increase of urbanization has lengthened and intensified some of the "hot season".  Maybe Blanc is onto something: stay out or get out of Florida and it might fix itself.
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lmao come to norway

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