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No I mean, the mixed kids scored similar to white kids. A bit lower. But some of them looked black and didn't know one of their parents were white. If the reason black people scored lower was because of systemic discrimination as opposed to being genetic, then you would expect the mixed kids to score similarly to black people, if they and the society thought the mixed kids were black. But that didn't happen. The mixed kids scored better than black people irrespective of adoption background and irrespective of whether they and the society around them thought they were black.


That's my takeaway.

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 I dunno, every time I read a new study it says black people score lower, and then they say maybe cuz of this environmental factor, and they control for that factor, and the conclusion again indicates that black people score lower, and then it's another merry go round of "maybe this". And at the end of it all, the conclusion on the wikipage is still "scientific consensus is that it's environmental".

I mean I really would like it to not be the case, but I mean it's kind of hard to ignore the data.

Still, on the flipside, the in-between variations within a racial group is much larger than the difference between the means of the groups. That is, there's a huge number of black people with a higher IQ than most of either black or Asian kids. Just that the mean value is a bit smaller. Looking at a random person, you can say very little about what their IQ score is.

For most of all the cases, none of this matters. If you hire a black or white applicant for a job almost all other factors dominate over the small mean IQ difference. There are plenty of qualified black people and you're unlikely to be at the tails of the distributions.

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They say race is a social construct, because acknowledging genetically distinct groups would also involve acknowledging deterministic differences between them.

 What.... Have you never heard of an ethnicity?

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Wikipedia is run by the Leftist mob and deep state operators. It's basically a place where the "official narrative" is placed for all to see. I'm not saying everything on it is crap, you just have to look at it with skeptical eyes.



"Similar to other outbreaks, the virus was derived from a bat-borne virus and most likely was transmitted to humans via another animal in nature, or during wildlife trade such as that in food markets. While other explanations, such as speculations that SARS-CoV-2 was accidentally released from a laboratory have been proposed, such explanations are not supported by evidence. Conspiracy theories about the virus's origin have also proliferated."


This is a total lie, there is plenty of evidence that points to a lab origin.



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