Since Turquie or whatever the fuck she calls herself can't help but invade every thread and live chat she sees with her random tirades, I figured I'd do the forum a favor by providing a specialized space for her to do this instead. 

So Turquie, here is my offer. You can use this thread to spam anything you'd like, as much as you want if and only if you do not post in my other threads except with comments RELATED to the topic, and even if it is related you only get ONE comment. 

Since you're such a massive attention seeker, it would only be logical to maximize the attention you receive by putting it all in one thread. People are lazy, they aren't going to go to each and every thread you invade to read your shit. Just picture this- Turncoat on this thread combing through your every word for hours on end and theorizing about your psychology. Now doesn't that sound like a dream to you? 

Trust me, it's better this way.