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How to Get to Heaven After the Rapture (A step by step guide)

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So you didn’t get raptured huh? Now what do you do?

Step 1:


- How do I know it’s the mark?

      - The mark will be required to buy and sell and it will be on your forehead or on your right hand. This could mean that the substance is visible on your forehead or on your right hand, but only with a device or it could mean your actions, which is your right hand, or your thoughts.

It’s possible that they will make you worship the beast, which is an action, and/or be able to read your thoughts. I don’t know what the mark is, but maybe that vaccine? Just don’t do it. Trust in God.

Step 2:


- YHWH is God the Father and no one really knows who this jesus guy is, although he has the character traits that are actually YHWH’s. The name YHWH had when He came to earth, in Hebrew, was Yeshua, which makes it clear that we should have translated that to Joshua and not jesus. 

I don’t care what Greek translation we translated it from, his name is YHWH because He is one person/God, in three different forms. He is living water, so he has a Holy Ghost form, which is water vapor, the frozen form, which is the human version, and the liquid version, which is God the Father, liquid water, which is where our reality exists.

He came here as Himself, the frozen form of water, solid, human. He died on the cross for us as himself. He was only the son because He was born into this world, via Mary. Don’t worship Mary. She was cool, but everything is about YHWH.

He did the ultimate act of love by dying on the cross for our sins. He paid the price for our sins so we can go to heaven if we believe in Him, which includes being baptized. Just need water and to be submerged in it and to proclaim the name of YHWH and agree that He died for our sins and that should work.

They will kill you for proclaiming His name and your belief in Him, but that’s how you get to Heaven. YOU WON’T FEEL THE PAIN OF DEATH BECAUSE YHWH WILL TAKE YOU FROM YOUR BODY, RIGHT BEFORE YOU DIE. 

We were made inside of the image, the person, of God the Father, who is YHWH. Everything that exists, exists inside of Him, which is why you have the option to choose Him or burn in he** until there’s no part of you left. You can’t be opposed to Him, while being inside of Him and there is no outside of Him. Thus, you must choose Him, or you’re choosing death.

He is not going to allow evil to run wild anymore because He loves us and doesn’t want us to have to deal with evil things or bad things, so He has to get rid of them. The devil will be destroyed, after the 1000 year rein of YHWH on earth, after this great tribulation period. He** will also be destroyed, along with everyone who doesn’t want to live with YHWH.

He doesn’t want to force anyone to be with Him, so He has to destroy you in order to remove you from Him because He is all there is. It’s because He loves us that He gives us this choice and because He loves His people, that He must protect them by getting rid of the possibility of evil. Evil hurts people and He wants everyone to be safe and happy and loved.

The important things to know is His name is YHWH, He already came in person and the rapture already happened at this point. It’s not an alien invasion or abduction or God’s judgement on bad people. There are no bad people, we are just vessels for good or evil to dwell in, so forgive and move on. 

Step 3:


- At this point, you can only get to heaven if you die for your faith. Again, YOU WILL NOT FEEL YOUR DEATH BECAUSE YHWH WILL TAKE YOU OUT OF YOUR BODY, PRIOR TO THE DEATH BLOW OCCURRING. They will likely use a guillotine, so before the blade hits your neck, you will be with YHWH, in Heaven.

Heaven is for everyone and is everything you’ve ever wanted, that’s good. Nothing bad is there and you won’t want to do anything bad because evil will not be there. You will be as you were meant to be and as you were created to be. He has a special place for all of us there, where we will be happy forever.  

Things to know:

———- YHWH loves you, and all of His creation, but He chose, as we must, good over evil and that’s why He is giving us the choice. He wants us to choose Him, but if you’d rather not exist, that’s up to you. Just know, it’s not fun to have your soul destroyed. It takes a while. It’s not forever, it’s supposed to say, “for a time.” That’s the true translation because YHWH doesn’t want us to suffer forever because He loves us.

He is just trying to honor your choice and since there’s nothing outside of Him, you have to either be okay with being with Him, or He has to delete you because that’s the only way to be without Him. YHWH IS. He is existence.

He is the Way, the Truth, and the Life, and the only thing that He isn’t, is death, so you either choose to be with Him, which is choosing life, or you choose death. That’s the only choice, so He’s not being mean, He’s giving you a choice and those happen to be the only ones because YHWH is all there is because He’s living water.

He’s water, the building block and signal of life, but also living. He is Life itself, like there’s a reason we are a large percentage of water and that most of the world is water. We are inside of living water, which is God/YHWH. 

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So... how much longer do we have to wait? 

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