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Andy Kaufman

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I looked him up after Sion said that he does comedy like I do.

I guess I don't really agree. There's barely any comedy in me, I tend to be rather serious, and Andy furthermore seemed rather awkard, whereas I am not.

I watched one of his letterman episodes and it looked kind of surreal. He should've gone all the way with that one, but you could see him holding back for the sake of his reputation.

I guess there aren't many people who are willing to deal all their cards. I think the one who comes closest is that British guy at the golden globes.

I think it would've been hilarious if he had faked his death for 30 years, but some dude dug his grave out to test if he was truly dead and he was. I guess I do understand his sense of humour to a degree.

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Jada said: 

I looked him up after Sion said that he does comedy like I do.

Didn't we have a conversation years ago about him? 

Dude gets mad respect from me from how unwilling he was to sacrifice his craft. He refused to dumb down his jokes, refused to break character, and even quit gigs that didn't understand his vision.

As a result his craft has far outlived him and driven Jim Carry to Madness, seeing as before Man on the Moon he was merely an impressions guy, an imitator with a slice of ham. 

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Yeah, we did. He was a very unique comedian, with a very strong sense of pride in his craft. It speaks to his character.

Do you think he might be alive after all? If he'd go far enough to fake his death for several decades, maybe he would implant someone else's skeleton in his grave.

The puzzlinh thing about his performance on letterman was that he was coughing. Apparently he had lung cancer and it caused him to cough. I'm not quite sure if the cough was his way of making light of his lung cancer, or if it was genuine, but it does make me question if he was serious in his letterman performance. People laughed and he looked seriously offended.. Maybe he decided to go there and truly be himself, and nobody understood. It's hard to tell where the truth ends and the performance begins.

Some of his older acts were not quite as good though. I didn't like the fact that he bowed to the audience. It broke character.

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