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I have different rules than everyone else as a heyoka high priestess

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NVC  (nonviolent communication) helped me to heal and fully align with my heyoka empath calling and role in society and it is different from everyone else's-  And I am allowed by God to live by different rules.


I believe in people learning NVC and nonviopent communication consciousness- **AND** I am already 100 percent there and 100 percent in nvc consciousness all of the time.


And if anyone tries to tell me not to believe God or are jealous and envious of my spiritual role I do not care because they need to do the work to fully align with unconditionally loving creator God and with the qualities of unconditionally loving creator God and with divine life energy,  and I am already fully aligned.


So **UNTIL** you or anyone else evolves into becoming a heyoka empath yourself and is given **BY GOD** different rules to live by as the most powerful type of empath and a soul and spiritual healer and a high priestess and a goddess-  it is for your own and for everyone's benefit for you and for everyone else to align with NVC consciousness as much as possible which it is helpful to include understanding and practicing the nvc processing language that Marshall Rosenberg contributed to the collective of humanity.


Has God told you different rules to follow other than the unconditional love and unconditional forgiveness and equality and not judging other people spoken about in your religion or by spiritual leaders that you resonate with ??  If not-  then it is beneficial for you to be held accountable to follow the rules of your religion  (or spirutual beliefs if you are nonreligious) having to do with unconditional love and the fruits of the spirit  (such as peace, collaboration, equality do unto other people as you would have them do unto you,  and do unto yourself as you would have other people do unto you)  which are the genuine qualities of God always and truthfully no matter what religion you follow or what your beliefs are.


I am not saying that I am "Superior" or "better than" anyone else-  I am saying that I had different rules  (which include giving people chances to do the beneficial to their own and to everyone else's wellbeing thing--> and if they do not then sometimes switching into spiritual lesson teaching mirroring mode and sometimes behaving as an example of what **NOT** to do-->  the heyoka empath behaving using contradictions and opposites so that people can become more conscious of and see and understand more clearly how their behavior aligns with or does not align with the qualities of unconditionally loving creator God and divine life energy and with what is most integrative for their souls and healing physically, emotionally mentally and spiritually) and a different role in society as a heyoka high priestess and goddess given to myself by God to help influence humanity to align more with unconditional love and collaboration and unity and equality.


If you disagree,  then I disagree with your disagreement,  and I allow you the freewill to disagree,  and I am not going to be sucked into a debate about what I know are the ultimate spiritual Truths about what is most beneficial and soul integrative and physically,  mentally emotionally and spiritually healing for my own and everyone else's wellbeing to believe.



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She said:
I am not saying that I am "Superior" or "better than" anyone else- I am saying that I had different rules

Isn't that kinda the same thing, with how you handle it anyway? 

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