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Faith in God by JesusIsTheKing

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Do you really believe in God? Do you ever wonder, like, maybe it was just made up by some bunch of guys to control women and society? What do you think?

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I used to believe that actually,  but Jesus is too beautiful for me to not believe in and eventually I could not stop myself anymore  even though there were some pleasurable aspects to not believing in God,  it just............  was not enough to keep me long-term satisfied



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Satan's beauty outshines Jesus' so much that God insisted no one look at him when he descended from Heaven. 

Ę̵̚x̸͎̾i̴͚̽s̵̻͐t̷͐ͅe̷̯͠n̴̤̚t̵̻̅i̵͉̿a̴̮͊l̵͍̂ ̴̹̕D̵̤̀e̸͓͂t̵̢͂e̴͕̓c̸̗̄t̴̗̿ï̶̪v̷̲̍é̵͔
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