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Tramadol and pregabalin trip report

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8:00 PM - having finished my programming tasks, I decide to have a little fun. I take 200MG of tramadol and 100mg pregabalin. I down it with some sprite and scroll youtube.

8:30 PM - I feel like all my work stress wears off and I am left with a sense of not giving a shit about anything, everything being good and alright in the world, my body feels good and music sounds much better than usual. I am feeling vulnerable and affectionate so I join waifu and kitty on bed

9:00 PM - Cuddling feels unusually good. I have the sensation that I am loved by everyone in the world and full of love for everyone. Everytime waifu touches my head I feel pleasure jolt through my whole body as if someone is giving me a deep massage instead of an average pet.

9:30 PM - I feel at the top of the world. Everything is unusually awesome and perfect as if nothing is going around the world. I see news of ukrainian children being killed and I shrug as if it doesnt matter (lmao), I feel grateful that I live in a country where theres no war, "not my problem" goes through my head. I make an inappropiate joke saying "they should have gotten their vaccines done". I get ugly looks for a few seconds, I feel ashamed.

10:00 PM - I am starting to feel a bit shaky and my legs are twitching on their own, I feel like I felt when I had a seizure back in 2018 after a long plane trip. I hug waifu from fear and tremble.

10:30 PM: Most effects have worn off. I notice how fast my heart beats and how high my blood pressure is contrast to when I am on the trams and pregabalin. Definitely need to investigate.

Overall I would recommend this combo as it's like being on MDMA but calmer, no jitters, though gotta reduce the tramadol dose because 200mg is seizure threshold and apparently I am susceptible

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you pregnant ballin?

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