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Daily dose of masochism.

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"Dhar Mann Studios x @SSSniperWolf​ - No need to say "girl gamer". It’s just, gamer. 👉🏽 Hey #DharMannFam​, thanks for watching my video!"

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Hilarious when Moms and Dads have these expectations for their kids that never turn out. Or turn out just the opposite. Jock Dad has a violin playing son.

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Sign of the times. Little girls don't want plastic baby dolls anymore either.

This is not good. Not good !

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I used to play with cooking sets and dolls as a kid. They would give me funny looks at the toy shop. I would also prance around in moms clothes and she would chase me around the house telling me to act normal. 

2:48Spatial Mind The guy was sticking his dick in an infants mouth, it was so fucking disturbing
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