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[Erotica] The rape of Luna Prey

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The night was dark, and the streets wet. Luna walked along the dark alley confidently, unaware of the dangers that lurked in the shadows.

As she continued her walk while looking at her phone, I stepped out from behind a dumpster directly into her path. She looked up from her phone surprised, and seeing my ugly face, gave a disgusted look and changed direction attempting to walk around me. I side stepped into her path once more, and her eyes suddenly took on a look of worry. Luna took a step back, asking what I wanted. I just smiled at her with a cheeky grin. I could see the gears turning in her mind as she slowly started to understand the trouble she was in.

She attempted to turn around and make a run for it, but I punched her hard in the stomach, making her gasp hard, and keel over in pain. Then I punched her right temple hard. She immediately blacked out and fell to the ground in a heap. I gazed down at her entranced by her beauty. She looked far sexier with a bruised and swollen face. After a few moments I began to notice the smell of piss as her body involuntarily evacuated her bladder.


Back at my basement Luna began to stir awake. As she gained consciousness she started to notice that she was tied up with her legs spread wide on a hard wooden bed. All she had on was the piss soaked panties and a thin cotton shirt she had warn earlier. She had gone braless today lucky for me. As she came to I smiled at her and introduced myself.

"I am Jim Savage" I told her. "And I'm going to rape and kill you, but before I do, first we're going to have some fun."

With that said, I grabbed her piss soaked panties with one hand, and tore them off her cunt. Luna began to scream and cry, struggling against her bindings with all her might I laughed at her, and admired the sight. It was only then that I noticed the bloody tampon shoved up inside her vagina. I pulled it out with a yank, and shoved it in her mouth using duck tape to make sure it stayed in place. Her eyed bulged as she got a taste of her own blood. With that I left the Luna alone, her pussy dripping blood onto the bed, and headed for the stables. I was going to need my stallion to help me with the next part of our adventure.

To be continued.

P.S. Contributions and suggestions welcome

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