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Chef blanc

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the best sugar free latte (Florida style) 

(Florida style means as cold as possible aka iced in a frozen glass because everyone is fucking sweating) 


So I figured out how to make the perfect latte without needing sugar and it still tastes good and sweet 


A lot of people since the new year have cut sugar and carbs or gluten 


and so it’s really hard to make a latte free of these things 


but for the customers I do it :P #best barista ever 


so yeah I will share with you the perfect sugar free latte recipe


im going to make one at work and then take photos or something and upload them to show you how it’s done 💕 


its sooo good

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the sue

I also made a drink and called it “the sue” because there is this woman named sue who comes in everyday asking for this oddly specific drink that isn’t on our menu 


but yeah it’s really good, some people end up asking for it too without knowing what they’re ordering is the sue 


we are updating our menus so hopefully we can add it in 


and a lot of the workers here ask for it now and it’s how I make my own coffee to drink sometimes for my lunch breaks 


it’s basically a red eye latte with sugar, which is one shot of espresso and half a cup of house coffee, and half milk with one inch of foam ontop, and then three pumps of classic syrup. 

some people get it with caramel instead of classic syrup 


but yeah it’s really good. 

and then with two shots of espresso it’d be a dopio not a red eye but yeah 


she comes in every time and I’m like “you want the sue?!” And she’s like yeah! 



the first time she ordered it I was like this is a good drink it’s just not on our menu... what’s your name? And she told me sue so I was like hey, maybe we’ll add it and name it after you. We’ll call it “the sue” 



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Nourishing Almond Flour Banana Bread (gluten free!) | Ambitious Kitchen 

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Vegetarian Gluten free Paleo · Makes 12 slices · Simple one bowl almond flour banana bread packed with nourishing ingredients and sweetened only with bananas. This gluten free, grain free, dairy free and paleo banana bread will be your new favorite to bake when you have extra ripe bananas. Chocolate chips optional, but recommended! 


10 ingredients
3 Bananas, very ripe medium
3 tbsp Almond milk, unsweetened
3 Eggs
Baking & Spices
2 1/2 cups Almond flour, packed fine
1 tsp Baking soda
1 tsp Cinnamon
1/2 cup Dark chocolate chips
1/2 cup Flaxseed meal
1/2 tsp Salt
1 tsp Vanilla extract 

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I'm on the search for the perfect "healthy" donut 

that is gluten/grain/soy/dairy/sugar free, paleo or keto, vegan and made using organic ingredients 


& not made with ingredients containing "scary bad stuff" like for example, carrageenan is a big one. Artificial dyes and sweeteners obviously are no as well. 


Obviously it's hard to knock off every single thing on that list of requirements for the ultimate health conscious donut, while it still tasting remotely good. 


But, to get to something as close as possible would be a huge success to me. 


Basically, I love having a little treat with my coffee. It's bad for your stomach lining anyway to drink coffee alone (repetitiously), you really should have a scone or biscotti or some little bits with it so you don't develop a stomach ulcer. 



The reason I'm getting more into creating these kind of things lately is because I realize I'm not the only one who wants it. From working in the food industry, I would say almost half of our customer base is wanting gluten, sugar, dairy free, and or vegan stuff. There is a large consumer base for this sort of stuff, and creating something good and sharing it with the world is fun to me. 

Like with my vegan latte I was super happy with the success of that, being sugar free and still tasting great. 

It was fun but, now I want to keep going. 

Plus I'm at work all day, we're always creating pastries and food and what not, I'm constantly around food and ingredients, and I'm learning the processes of how it's all made. And so now that I have the pieces and parts and know more about the ingredients and how it all works- I'm starting to use those pieces and parts in my head, and those methods, and putting it together to create my own healthier recipe's and versions of foods I love (but are not health conscious at all). 


Like donuts and latte's. lol 



So yeah I was thinking about donuts. And I was like, what if I made it with almond flour and egg substitute (vegan), maybe add some cinnamon and vanilla extract, and then dipped it in a sugar free caramel glaze, let it dry, top it with some frozen berries that are dipped in a blueberry glaze (organic sugar free). maybe some white powder or coco powder on top depending on the mood. 

would go great with chai tea as well, with some steamed oat milk ontop. 

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I bet when clients go there they just want to taste your ass.

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