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Update abojt work

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A few of you may of witnessed me complaining about stress at work from coworkers gossiping 

all of the gossip and negative attitude and fighting was caused by one girl who was stirring it up 


she was making my job incredibly stressful by not doing hers properly, being sloppy and messy leaving everything where it shouldn’t be, not helping out more than the bare minimum, shluffing off her duties like checking out guests or picking up tables mess and checks, constantly gossiping and talking on the job and ignoring guests or not taking enough tables, complaining constantly (sooo fucking much), and also causing actual fights and dra not only with coworkers but also with guests! Straight up yelling at guests. She showed her sour attitude in front of the super visor and she was fired on the spot. 

I was like thank god! She was causing the entire place to have terrible flow and just be a train wreck when she was there and I essentially was doing all her job for her because she didn’t do anything right and it was just a huge fucking mess. 

I was exhausted by the end of the day dealing with her shit and she was incredibly toxic to the environment. 

now that she is gone, everything is flowing so smoothly everyone is happy, the guests are happy, and no problems!! 



so thank god that issue got resolved without me having to complain to the boss. 

It was truly a train wreck. Also I won’t lie she came in in the mornings her breath smelled like straight alcohol and then she’d go on break and come back and it would smell like that again. I think she was literally drinking on the job and was a severe alcoholic. Which would explain a lot.... 


she acted like she was on xanax all the time. So slow and like a zombie and like slurred her words. No wonder. 

She literally screamed at a guest that just blows my mind lol. 

good riddance. 

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do you think that ppl really read what you write?

2:48Spatial Mind The guy was sticking his dick in an infants mouth, it was so fucking disturbing
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Blanc said:
all of the gossip and negative attitude and fighting was caused by one girl who was stirring it up

 Classic. Every time 

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translation: the girl was really pretty and people liked her more than blanc so blanc planted her own heroin in the girls locked and then called in a tip and got her fired.

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