The only thing imagined is your weird wacked-out perception of reality my dude. I have over a 100 email responses in my email from Sam and your perception of what you think he cares about is way off


I know his ego, it's intwined with mine, and he's depressed and im adding to it cuz I'm a sadistic bitch and he likes it and I like it and I like when he adds to mine. We are both happy with each other and he cares about me more than his fans. He never cared about his fans, he cared about the reaction he got from everyone who wasn't is fan. And those people simply don't care about him anymore or even remember him anymore lol

 is this what happens when you have NPD but are too socially retarded to get supply so you make up supply in your imagination?

 You mean like you paying a cute Asian escort to take short vids with you and pretend to be your girlfriend? Nah I'm not desperate like that :):)

 lmao, you are really jealous that I can leave the house and get relationships without choking in anxiety or resorting to mail relationships huh?

Do you miss having a man touch your body or hold you thats not ur father?